Wheeled bin collection days

Normal collections and public holidays

Household waste and recycling blue bins and green/grey bins are collected once a week. Brown bins are collected every 2 weeks. Use our A to Z of recyclable waste to check what should go in each bin.

Normal collection days

Check your normal collection day and brown bin collection week by selecting the first letter of your street name, below. For brown bin collections, your street will either be a 'Week 1' or 'Week 2' street.

Street names: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y

Brown bins – Week 1 and Week 2 next collection dates
Week 1 – Monday to Friday Week 2 – Monday to Friday
18 October to 22 October 25 October to 29 October
1 November to 5 November 8 November to 12 November
15 November to 19 November 22 November to 26 November
29 November to 3 December 6 December to 10 December

Changes for public holidays

In 2021, there will be no change to waste collections days for any public holiday – this includes the August bank holiday, Christmas and New Year.

Christmas and New Year collections 2021/22

Usual day Collection changes
  • Monday 20 December usual collection
  • Monday 27 December usual collection
  • Monday 3 January usual collection
  • Tuesday 21 December usual collection
  • Tuesday 28 December usual collection
  • Tuesday 4 January usual collection
  • Wednesday 22 December usual collection
  • Wednesday 29 December usual collection
  • Wednesday 5 January usual collection
  • Thursday 23 December usual collection
  • Thursday 30 December usual collection
  • Thursday 6 January usual collection
  • Friday 24 December usual collection
  • Friday 31 December usual collection
  • Friday 7 January usual collection