How we are doing

Council performance

We use a corporate scorecard to monitor our performance. It is a collection of performance indicators chosen to help us improve in our priority areas and understand and show our progress.

This helps us to:

  • focus on the council's priorities
  • set targets aimed at improving services
  • identify and tackle poor or under-performance
  • be accountable to our customers
  • help ensure we provide value for money
  • help decision makers effectively manage the services

The corporate scorecard is monitored monthly and the Corporate Performance Report is presented to each Cabinet meeting.

All Cabinet reports are published online.

Independent expert opinions

We regularly ask for feedback from experts on local government to help us make sure we have the right plans and we're making good progress.

The Local Government Association peer challenge is an important independent assessment. It involves a small team of local government officers and councillors – who have no connection with Thurrock – spending time with us to challenge what we do and share what they have learned.

You can download the most recent peer challenge report below, together with our action plan.

You can also download previous peer challenge feedback reports.