How we can help your business

Energy efficiency advice

There are many ways you can make your business more energy efficient.

Improve your procurement management by:

  • ordering in bulk with neighbouring businesses to save money
  • reducing the amount of printing as very few things need to be printed
  • using an efficient printer that uses less power and is more efficient with ink

Improve your energy procurement by:

  • being in a contract with your energy supplier
  • switching to a green tariff, as green tariffs are a lot cheaper
  • using an energy broker to find the best contract for you - energy brokers often charge nothing

Improve your energy consumption by:

  • installing low energy light bulbs
  • installing controls such as lighting sensors and heating timers
  • not leaving appliances in standby

Improve your efficiency with products by:

  • buying remanufactured toner, which can be 30% cheaper
  • using green stationary which is is usually the same price as using virgin material
  • using natural cleaning products, which are as good as chemical products and often cheaper

Other efficiency steps include:

  • using video conferencing instead of travelling to meetings
  • using logistics software to plan efficient and quick journeys
  • considering roof and wall insulation

You may be eligible for a grant from the Low carbon across the south east (LoCASE) scheme.