Insurance claims

Making a claim against us

If you have suffered personal injury, property damage or financial loss and you believe we have been negligent, you will need to write to us or email us, stating:

  • the full circumstances of the incident, including the date and time if relevant
  • the reason why you hold us responsible
  • description of the injury, property damage or financial loss
  • exact location of the incident

If relating to a defect, please provide photographs showing the location, general area and the defect, marking the precise point of the defect with a cross and an arrow showing the direction of travel. Please advise who took the photos and the date that they were taken.

There is no automatic right to compensation. Before any recompense can be made it will be necessary for you to demonstrate that there has been negligence on our part.

If we have taken all reasonable precautions to prevent this type of incident, then we may not be held liable.

Your claim will be referred to our public liability insurer, or it may be referred a contractor or landowner (if known) if we are not the responsible party.

Investigating your allegations may take some time. We will aim to respond, via our insurer, regarding the issue of liability within 3 months from the date we receive the information we need to start our investigation.

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