Library fees and charges

Library item charges

It is free to join the library, borrow books or request items from our catalogue using online self-service.

Fees and charges may apply for other services.

You won't be allowed to use your library card if you owe £10 or more – check our fines.

Loans and renewals

Item Charge For
Requests from the Thurrock and Essex County Council library catalogue Free per item
DVD £1 1 week
CD £1.15 1 week
Spoken word on CD – adults £3.05 3 weeks
Spoken word on CD – children Free 3 weeks
Language course – single item £1.50 3 weeks
Language course – multiple set £3.60 12 weeks
Board game £1.50 1 week
Jigsaws Free 12 weeks

Items borrowed from other authorities will be charged at their rate.

Damaged and lost items

Item Charge For
Lost or damaged items for which no current value can be traced £10 per item
Lost or damaged items for which a current value can be traced Full current value per item

Items for sale

Item Charge For
Hardback book 60p per item
Paperback book 30p per item
Music CD 60p per item
Spoken word on CD £1 per item
Children's workbook £1.50 per item
Children's workbooks £5 for 4 items
Heritage books Retail price per item
Plastic pockets 10p per item
Envelopes, C4 size (A4) 15p per envelope
Envelopes, C5 size (A5) 10p per envelope
Stamps Royal Mail prices per stamp
Pens, black 20p  per item
Wiser4IT training notes £2.20 per hand-out
Headphones £2 per item
USB Stick, 32GB £5 per item
Drinks from sachet machine 75p per sachet
Drinks from the urn 55p per drink
Biscuits 35p per pack

Lost membership cards

Item Charge For
Lost membership cards – adults £2.70 per card
Lost membership cards – children £2 per card

Other charges and ways to pay

For details of other charges, library fines and payment online, go to: