Listed buildings

Listed buildings in Thurrock

A listed building is one that is 'of special architectural or historic interest' and has been included on a list kept by the Secretary of State for the Environment. The list puts a mark against those buildings that are thought to be special.

Go to Historic England: Thurrock for details of individual listed buildings. Use their 'View on map' option to zoom in on local towns and villages.

Thurrock's listed buildings include a wide variety of structures such as:

  • churches
  • farm houses
  • barns
  • stables
  • dove cotes
  • public houses
  • shops
  • residential properties
  • outbuildings
  • walls
  • gateways
  • a cinema
  • a railway station
  • a powder magazine
  • a clock tower
  • a tomb
  • a village lock-up
  • a telephone box

The standards used to judge which buildings are of special interest are approved by professional advisors from English Heritage. Listed buildings are classified according to their importance using these standards:

Listed buildings are shown on our planning constraints map – read how to use the planning constraints map.

Planning constraints map