Missed bin collection

Missed bin collections, Monday 23 November

Some blue bins in Corringham, Fobbing and Stanford-le-Hope were not collected on Monday 23 November. We will return for these on Tuesday 24 November or no later than Wednesday 25 November. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Missed bins

Sometimes we may not be able to empty your bins on the day we said we would.

This can be due to events we can’t control, such as:

  • roads being blocked by badly parked cars
  • heavy traffic or delays at tipping sites
  • snow, ice or flooding on roads
  • a vehicle breakdown

If all the bins on your road have been missed

You do not need to contact us if all the bins on your road were missed.

If all the bins on a road have been missed, we will return to collect them within 2 working days – Monday to Friday – usually the following day.

If only your bin has been missed

Your bin will not be emptied if:

  • it wasn’t at the edge of your property by 6am
  • it contained the wrong type of waste – check what goes in your bins
  • there was too much waste and the bin lid wasn’t shut

If there are no problems with your bins, we will empty them on your next bin collection day.

We are unable to return for individual missed bins.

Please let us know if only your bin has been missed in your road – your report will help us check for any problems with our bin collections rounds.

Simply login to My Account for environmental reporting, select 'Add a report' and choose 'Waste collection missed' from the category list. You can create an account if you don't already have one.

My account - environmental reporting

About bin collections

Each morning our teams set out to empty more than 40,000 bins.

We collect bins throughout the day, which means your recycling, refuse and kitchen and garden waste may be collected at different times.

Our drivers will only take vehicles down a road if they decide it’s safe to do so without putting other road users, property or staff at risk.