New Local Plan for Thurrock

Sustainability appraisals

Sustainability appraisals look at the economic, social and environmental impact of plans. These appraisals are an essential part of making a good Local Plan.

They must meet the legal requirements of the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) directive – go to GOV.UK: Strategic environmental assessment and sustainability appraisal.

We are undertaking an integrated impact assessment (IIA) of the emerging Local Plan. It will comprise:

  • a sustainability appraisal (SA), including a strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
  • a health impact assessment (HIA)
  • an equalities impact assessment (EqIA)

The first step in a Local Plan sustainability process is to prepare a 'scoping report'. This sets out:

  • the context in which the plan is being prepared
  • our sustainability objectives
  • how we will carry out the assessment
  • the relevant environmental, economic and social issues

Integrated impact assessment – scoping report 2022

Our IIA scoping report builds on the previous integrated sustainability appraisal (ISA) of the Local Plan undertaken in 2016 ('scoping' stage) and 2018 ('issues and options' stage). We consulted on this report from 17 May 2022 to 21 June 2022.

The report provides an updated economic, environmental and social policy context and baseline information. It sets out our approach to the IIA, drawing on the ISA work carried out to date. In our approach, we intend to strengthen the IIA and the soundness of the Local Plan.

Sustainability appraisal – scoping report 2016

We consulted on our previous version of the sustainability appraisal scoping report in February 2016.

Our review of comments received from this consultation is included in appendices 1 to 3 of the integrated sustainability appraisal (ISA) below:

  • appendix 1 sets out all comments received and how each was considered when preparing the next sustainability appraisal report
  • appendix 2 reviews the plans, policies and programmes to make sure they stay up-to-date
  • appendix 3 updates the baseline information

Integrated sustainability appraisal (ISA)

The ISA looks at possible impacts on communities, the environment and developments over the full life cycle of the Local Plan.