Poll cards for elections on Thursday 2 May 2024

22 March 2024

With elections taking place on Thursday 2 May 2024, make sure you look out for your poll card.

Starting on Friday 22 March and through the following week, poll cards are being delivered to the homes of registered voters.

There is still time for you to register to vote, if you have not already done so – go to GOV.UK: Register to vote.

The poll card will let you know:

  • which elections are taking place in your area
  • when the vote is taking place
  • what polling station you will need to go to

It would help our staff if you bring the poll card with you to vote. You also need to bring a valid form of photo ID.

You can only vote at your designated polling station. If you lose your card and are unsure where you should vote, contact

For more information, go to elections and voting.