Our tender process

Advice for preparing your tender

Always take as much care as possible when preparing your tender.

To give yourself the best chance of success:

  • read all the instructions carefully, especially any 'pass or fail' questions
  • make sure you are answering the question – vague and irrelevant answers will not score highly
  • always give an answer, even if this is 'not applicable', as answers left blank may scored a zero and can lead to your tender being rejected
  • ask for clarification on anything you're not clear about, as soon as possible before the deadline so that we have time to respond
  • make it clear which questions you are answering
  • be clear and accurate in your pricing, the more detail the better
  • explain any assumptions you have made to reach your price
  • don't include any marketing or publicity materials unless requested – these will not be scored
  • proofread your submission and double-check you have attached all the documents
  • allow yourself plenty of time to respond and don't leave it until the last minute as there may be several documents to upload to our tendering website – we cannot accept anything after the deadline