Parking permits

Changes to how parking permits are issued

From 29 March 2022, we've changed the way parking permits are issued and how you can apply for them.

What's changed

The parking permits we issue are longer printed on paper and posted to your home. Instead:

  • we issue 'electronic' permits, stored in our computers, which you can check online
  • when you have an electronic permit, you won't need or receive a paper one as well
  • you can login using our 'My Account' service to apply for a permit online – it's quick and simple to create an account, which you can also then use to access other services

These changes affect all types of parking permits, in all Thurrock parking permit areas and controlled parking zones.

Resident parking permit holders can now choose to buy single electronic parking permits for visitors, rather than in sheets of 20 permits as before.

If you already have a paper parking permit that is valid beyond 29 March 2022, you don't need to do anything. It will continue to be valid until its expiry date.

If you already have paper parking permits for visitors, these will continue to be valid but will be phased out over time. We will send you more information about this as the time gets nearer.

When we issue you an electronic permit, you'll be sent the details by email. You can also check your permits securely online.

When the electronic permit is getting near its expiry date, we'll send you a reminder by email. This will give you time to apply for a new permit.

No need for paper

If you have an electronic permit, there's no need for a paper permit or any permit details to be displayed in the vehicle.

As soon as your permit is issued, its details will become available to our Enforcement Officers out on the streets. Our Enforcement Officers have hand-held computers that can scan the registration numbers of vehicles in parking permit areas. The computers will tell them whether a valid permit is associated with the vehicle.

Other benefits for you

Other advantages of these changes include:

  • you'll be issued with a permit as soon as your application is approved, meaning you won't have to wait up to 10 days for a permit to arrive in the post
  • you won't need to display a paper permit in your vehicle as your vehicle's number plate will already be registered electronically
  • you're helping us reduce Thurrock's carbon footprint as we'll no longer be printing and delivering thousands of paper tickets every year

What's not changed

You still need to apply for your parking permits using an online form.

If you're eligible for a resident's parking permit, you will still be entitled to:

  • 2 free resident parking permits, plus a third that you can buy if needed
  • up to 20 free visitor parking permits

Each visitor parking permit will still be valid for up to 5 hours. You will still be asked to provide your visitors' vehicle registration numbers.

Types of parking permit

We provide: