Parking zones and parking bays

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – parking

Grays Beach car park on Thames Road, and Gordon Road (Grover Walk) car park in Corringham, are in use as coronavirus test sites and have fewer available spaces.

From 1 August 2021, NHS staff need a NHS parking permit.

NHS parking permits

Healthcare specialists working for the NHS who need to park within controlled parking zones or permit parking areas while carrying out their duties, may be eligible for a NHS parking permit.

This permit allows healthcare specialists to park their vehicle for up to 3 hours in a permit holders only bay within the zone or area. They can also park for up to 3 hours within a shared-use parking bay. This is a bay where resident parking permit holders and motorists displaying a valid pay-and-display ticket can park.

This permit does not give the right to park in any parking place, and cannot be used to park on single or double yellow lines within the zone or area.

NHS parking permits cost £120 and are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

Applications must be supported by proof of current employment and vehicle ownership.

When renewing your permit, you can apply up to 1 month in advance of its expiry date.

Forms can be returned by post and will normally be processed within 2 weeks of receipt.