Paying your council tax

Your council tax

Direct debit is the fastest and easiest way to pay your council tax bill.

If you have recently moved to a new home in Thurrock, you will need to tell us you've moved before you can make your first payment.

When we send you details of your council tax, we will tell you:

Your annual bill will usually show the first payment is due on 10 April, and that other payments are due each month for 10 months until 10 January. You can ask for your payments to be spread over 12 months, if you prefer, from 10 April to 10 March – login to My Account, below.

Benefits of paying by direct debit

A direct debit is simple to set-up and helps you because:

  • you stay in control and have a money back guarantee
  • it saves you time and money – no more queues, cheques or stamps
  • the payment leaves your bank account on the same date each month
  • payments are made automatically and payment dates will not be missed
  • if you are due a rebate or refund, it will be paid to your bank account automatically

If the date of your direct debit falls on a Saturday or a Sunday in any month, your payment will not be taken until the following Monday.

You can set-up a direct debit for your council tax by logging-in to My Account.

My Account council tax services

Log-in to My Account to use a wide range of council tax services online, including:

  • set-up a direct debit
  • get your council tax bill online
  • check when payments are due
  • check your payment history
  • check the household details we use to work out your bill

You can create an account if you don't already have one.

My Account – council tax

Pay by credit or debit card

You can pay your council tax online by debit card or credit card.

Pay your council tax

Request a copy of your council tax bill

If you need a copy of your council tax bill, you can use the form below to ask for one.

Request a copy of your council tax bill

Other ways to pay

There are a number of other ways to make a payment.