Planning obligations

Infrastructure Requirement List

We use the Infrastructure Requirement List as a basis for negotiating planning obligations – in particular Section 106 agreements.

The list does not relate to specific planning applications, but considers development scenarios on an area by area basis. This is because the location, type and size of developments may not be known until a planning application is submitted.

The Infrastructure Requirement List is updated on a regular basis through on-going discussions with those who commission or develop infrastructure.

Nominating new projects

We are accountable for spending planning obligation money in Thurrock. We make sure that:

  • funds are spent on facilities that can be shown to be needed because of the development taking place
  • the process is open and fair to all

We also make sure that the infrastructure projects supported:

  • are necessary
  • are viable
  • will deliver the social and community benefits needed
  • will be well managed

When assessing projects proposed for inclusion on the Infrastructure Requirement List, we consider:

  • whether the organisation and project is eligible for funding from planning obligations
  • evidence that the project is needed – for example, looking at how a development will impact local or strategic facilities or assets, and how the project will ease that impact
  • evidence that a greater number of people will be able to use a funded facility or asset, or that there will be a broader usage of the facility – for example, use by disabled people, older people or younger people who may not previously have had access

Infrastructure Requirement List survey

You can suggest to us projects that would provide improved or increased community or social infrastructure – such as community facilities and green space projects – for which a need has arisen due to a new development taking place.

Infrastructure Requirement List - have your say