Premises for early education or childcare

Premises for sale, rent or lease

We are looking for premises in Thurrock that can be bought, leased or rented and used for early education or childcare. Premises will be paid for and developed by the early education or childcare provider. Our role will be to help interested parties come together.

Types of childcare provider are listed in our pages on finding and choosing childcare.


Premises facilities must meet the standards set out in the GOV.UK: Early years foundation stage (EYFS) statutory framework. We recommend premises owners and childcare providers work together to make sure the facilities are in place.

Development will be subject to the normal planning rules. You can get pre-application advice from our planning team before you submit a full planning application. This can help you overcome potential difficulties and make sure your application covers everything that's needed.

Include as much detail as possible when asking for pre-application advice or submitting an application. For example:

  • the experience of those involved
  • the reasons you are starting this project
  • any research you've carried out

The number of children the childcare provider will register for depends on:

  • the space available
  • the children's age range
  • staffing

Where possible include photographs of the property and a detailed plan of the layout.

You should also consider:

  • how parents and carers will drop off and collect their children
  • where staff will park

It may help if you can show how you will encourage staff to use public transport, walk or cycle to work. Think about how you will avoid congestion on the road and make sure your neighbours can live comfortably. Find out if there are any parking restrictions and if there is a disabled bay.

More information

Contact our Family Information Service for more information.

Family Information Service

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