Public access to private land

Landowner statements

Landowner statements work by bringing to an end any period of use of the land as of right for recreation. This means they 'stop the clock' on the number of years of use. If the land has been used for fewer than 20 years, a deposited statement prevents the users obtaining the 20 years they need to apply.

When owners deposit a landowner statement in relation to their land, but recreational use has already taken place over it for 20 years or more, then the deposit triggers a one-year period of grace. This gives the local inhabitants one year to apply to register the land as a town or village green. They cannot apply any later than one year from the date of your deposit.

If recreational use of the land as of right continues after a landowner statement is deposited then a new period of use would begin to accumulate. If another landowner statement is deposited within 20 years of the previous deposit, however, it will again prevent the users reaching 20 years – the clock will be reset to zero years.