Residential and nursing care homes

Choosing a care home

There are many types of residential homes and nursing homes in Thurrock. The homes are run independently by private and not-for-profit organisations.

All registered nursing care homes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Their website has general information about each home, along with copies of inspection reports.

CQC – search for care homes around Thurrock

We encourage you to choose your own home – with support from your family – as it is a very important decision.

We can give you advice about all the care homes in Thurrock that may best meet your needs, and can also tell you whether they have any vacancies.

When making your choice, you or your relatives or carer should visit the home to see if you would be happy there. You should always ask lots of questions. If there is no-one to advise you on your choice, we can arrange for an independent person to give you advice and guidance.

If we look after the funding of your care – called a 'managed budget' – you can still choose your home, but only from a list of those who have a contract with us. If the home you choose does not have a contract with us, this can be arranged.

Leaving hospital

If you are being discharged from hospital but there are no places available at your chosen care home, the hospital will not be able to let you to stay in their wards until a place becomes available.

You will have to choose another care home while you're on the waiting list for your preferred home, or you can talk with your social worker about other arrangements.