Road closures and street works

Planned work and new requests

You can check details of current and planned works on our full-screen roadworks map.

Roadworks map

By default, the map shows works planned for today. You can use the box in the top-right corner to change from 'Today' to a different date or a range of dates.

You can also check our road closures and street works public notices.

Go to our A13 roadworks page for full details of planned closures between the A128 (Orsett Cock roundabout) and the A1014 (The Manorway, Stanford-le-Hope).

Applying for works that affect public roads or rights of way

Use the application form below for work that will require one or more of the following:

  • temporary closure of a public highway
  • temporary closure of a public right of way
  • suspension of one or more bus stop
  • suspension of a parking restriction
  • suspension of a pedestrian crossing or cycle crossing
  • relocation of a pedestrian crossing or cycle crossing
  • suspension of permanent traffic signals
  • temporary traffic signals on a public highway
  • portable 2-stage traffic signals on a public highway
  • portable 3-stage traffic signals on a public highway
  • portable 4-stage traffic signals on a public highway
  • a new haul route crossing
  • a change to a haul route crossing

With the exception of emergency orders, all requests must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the start date or works.

Temporary traffic regulation costs from April 2022 are:

  • Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) – £1,400
  • Emergency Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice (TTRN) – £800

Apply for works affecting the public highway or public rights of way

If you wish to put some equipment ('apparatus') connected with digging into a public road on the street, you must apply for a street works licence.

Other works that require a permit or licence

The table below links to details for each permit and licence type.

Permit or licence type When it's required
Street parties If you wish to organise a street party you won't need a licence but may need to consult and make arrangements
Installations over the highway If you to install any object over a public highway
Licence for projections over a highway If you wish to construct a bridge or building over a public road, or alter such a construction
Skip permit If you wish to put a skip on a public road
Street trading consent If you wish to sell, expose or offer for sale any article or living thing in a street
Pavement tables and chairs If you wish to place tables, chairs or other temporary furniture on the pavement