Safe journeys to school

Sustainable modes of transport

We are responsible for developing a sustainable approach to travel associated with learning and training. In particular, we have a duty to promote 'sustainable school travel'. That is travel modes that minimise carbon dioxide emissions, while promoting the benefits of exercise, independence and accessibility to improve our children's quality of life.

Increased car use and the impact of the 'school run' is a problem everywhere. Travel to nurseries, schools and colleges in Thurrock generates a significant number of car journeys contributing to peak time traffic congestion.

There are also increasing concerns around road safety at schools and poor health in young people, both in terms of inactive lifestyles and the effect on air quality and climate change.

In line with government requirements, we have developed a 'sustainable modes of travel' strategy. It sets out how we will assess the travel and transport needs of our pupils and promote sustainable travel to school. The strategy aims to improve educational choice by providing details of the safe and sustainable modes of travel available to parents and pupils.