Smoke nuisance

Smoke complaints

Burning waste at your property can cause a smoke and smell problem for your neighbours. Bonfire smoke can be a health risk as pollutants can cause breathing problems.

If an authorised officer witnesses a smoke nuisance they can serve an abatement notice on the occupier of the property or the person responsible. The notice requires those responsible to stop the nuisance.

It is a crime if you don't comply with an abatement notice or stop the smoke nuisance

A person or a businessĀ could face legal action and a large fine if they do not stop their smoke nuisance.

What you can do

Speak to your neighbour and explain the problem in a friendly way.

If your neighbour continues to cause a smoke problem, then keep details of dates and times and report the problem to us.

Report pollution or noise

Smoke pollution from a business premises

It is a crime to emit dark or black smoke from commercial, trade and industrial premises. Smoke from flues, stacks or chimneys are controlled by legislation (including the Clean Air Act 1993 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990).

If you burn any type of waste on commercial, trade or industrial premises, you may be committing an offence and action may be taken against you by the Environment Agency.