Telecommunications planning

Telecommunications masts

There are 3 types of application or notification for telecommunications installations.

Licence notifications

These are for minor developments such as adding antennae to existing rooftop installations or changing equipment on existing sites.

Operators have to give us 28 days notice of their intention to install equipment, and allow comment. We have no control over this type of development. The short time scales do not allow for public involvement.

Applications for notification of prior approval

These types of development include new rooftop installations and masts under 15m in height.

Notifications have to be determined by us within 56 days of receipt. The operator has the right to install the apparatus if we do not respond in time.

We can consider the siting and appearance of the installation but not the principle of the development or any related issues as this has already been agreed by legislation. We will display a site notice for a period of 21 days. Neighbours and ward councillors are notified.

Applications for full planning permission

These applications are dealt with in the same way as other planning applications and all material considerations can be considered. They are generally for masts over 15m in height, and larger installations such as large equipment cabinets.

Siting of equipment within conservation areas or on listed buildings will also need planning permission or listed building consent.

Radio mast register

The register lists all radio mast applications for:

  • notification of prior approval
  • full planning permission