Traffic management

Traffic signals and pedestrian crossings

Traffic signals, traffic lights or stoplights are used at road junctions, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control the flow of traffic.

Traffic signals

Traffic signals in the borough include:

  • signal-controlled junctions
  • pedestrian crossings – Puffin or Pelican signals
  • cycle crossings – Toucan signals

The most critical signals are linked to an Urban Traffic Control computer system based in Chelmsford.

Signal maintenance is operational 24 hours a day. When a fault is reported or detected by the controller, action is taken to fix the fault. Urgent faults are acted upon within 4 hours and non-urgent 8 hours.

Pedestrian crossings

We receive many requests for new crossings. When assessing locations we consider:

  • the number of people crossing
  • the amount of traffic
  • numbers of injures on the road near the site
  • nearby features such as schools and shops

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