Universal credit

Getting Universal Credit

Universal Credit will be paid:

  • once a month
  • direct into a bank account
  • as a single payment per household

Your claim and your account will be accessed and managed online.

It is important that you have a bank account as Universal Credit is paid directly into an account.

The account has to have the ability to set up standing orders to pay your household bills and rent.

To pay your rent you will need to set up a direct debit to your landlord. Some tenants who receive supported housing will continue to receive Housing Benefit instead of Universal Credit. Separate consideration will be given to those who cannot manage their own finances or who consistently go into arrears.

If you feel you need help to mange your household finances you can get free impartial advice from the Money Advice Service website.

Claimant commitment

You'll have to accept a 'Claimant Commitment' if you want to get Universal Credit.

This is an agreement that you'll complete certain tasks in order to claim Universal Credit.

What you agree to do will depend on things such as your health, your responsibilities at home and how much help you need to get work or increase your income.

How to claim Universal Credit

If you fall under the group of households that should be claiming Universal Credit you will need to do this online as Universal Credit is claimed and maintained online.

Apply for Universal Credit

If you do not have access to a computer you can make a claim:

  • at the job centre
  • using a PC in one of Thurrock's libraries
  • using a self-service computers in the reception area at the Civic Offices, New Road, Grays

Who to contact

You should contact the government if:

  • you have any questions about Universal Credit
  • your circumstances change and you're already getting Universal Credit

Go to GOV.UK: contact Universal Credit.

You should not contact Thurrock Council with questions about Universal Credit.