Well Homes in private housing

Well Homes

Thurrock Well Homes is a scheme to improve the housing conditions and the health and well-being of residents living in private properties.

The Well Homes scheme:

  • offers help to make homes safer by reducing the risk of ill health or accidents – for example, unsafe stairs or wiring, or providing improvements to your heating system
  • puts residents in touch with health and lifestyle services that can improve quality of life – for example, help to stop smoking, health checks, debt advice, housing adaptations

How to get help

You can use our request form to ask for a Well Homes visit, or email us below.

Request a Well Homes visit

Well Homes advisers always carry an identification badge

The adviser will help you with a short survey about your health, home and well-being. They will note your answers on a computer so they can be shared with services that offer health support or property improvements you might need. Surveys take an average of 20 minutes to complete.

The adviser will also chat with you to find out what other help and advice they can offer, and whether your safety and well-being can be improved by dealing with any housing hazards. You should show the adviser if there is a problem you are concerned about.

Advice can be given on:

  • keeping your home warm, dry and well maintained
  • fire safety
  • home security
  • accessing healthcare
  • healthy eating
  • exercise
  • giving up smoking
  • healthier drinking habits
  • debt management
  • benefits
  • gardening and handyman services
Well Homes
Well Homes team, Private Housing, Thurrock Council, New Road, Grays, RM17 6SL

: wellhomes@thurrock.gov.uk