What we spend

Council pay

Our pay policy statement sets out policies on a range of issues relating to the pay of our workforce, particularly senior staff and lowest paid employees.

Current pay scales are published online.

Pay multiple

Pay multiple is the ratio between the highest paid salary and the 'median' salary of all the rest of our workforce. The median is the middle number when all salaries are listed from lowest to highest.

The pay multiple for 2023/24, below, was calculated using chief executive's full salary.

Median salary Pay multiple ratio
£34,631 1 to 5.6

Pay gap reports

A 'pay gap' is the difference in the average hourly pay for 2 sets of employees within an organisation.

For example, the Gender Pay Gap represents the difference in the average hourly pay of male and female employees within an organisation. Our annual gender pay gap report, as required by law, is published below along with other pay gap reports that are part of our ongoing commitment to equality and inclusion.

Payments made

Lists of actual payments made are published below: