What we spend

Payments to suppliers

Each month we publish details of all payments made to suppliers. The majority of these payments are shown exclusive of VAT. Where VAT cannot be recovered, the invoice total has been used.

Payment details include costs of all consultants contracted by us together with:

  • payments to other government and public sector bodies
  • payments to third party service providers
  • travel and subsistence claims
  • rent and business rates
  • credit notes

Payments to suppliers are listed below. Separately we publish details of our current contracts.

Government Procurement Card spend

From November 2014, our lists of payments to suppliers include all payments made by Government Procurement Card (GPC). GPCs are used as a payment card, not a credit card. They are a way of purchasing and paying for low value goods or services.

Some GPC payments listed for the Chief Executive's Office are Court of Protection purchases for vulnerable adults. These are purchases from money we manage on behalf of others, not from council budgets.

What we can't share

Sometimes we can’t tell you everything for legal reasons. For example, we can’t publish:

  • salary payments to staff earn less than £50,000 each year
  • pension and national insurance contributions
  • severance and compensation payments

When information can't be shared with you, we will use the word 'redacted'.

Payments to suppliers, 2023/2024

Payments to suppliers, 2022/2023

Payments to suppliers, 2021/2022

Payments to suppliers, 2020/2021

Payments to suppliers, 2019/2020

Payments to suppliers, 2018/2019

Payments to suppliers, 2017/2018

From April 2017, a single total payment amount is shown where multiple invoices have been received with the date, department, beneficiary, purpose and merchant category all identical.

Payments to suppliers, 2016/2017

Payments to suppliers, 2015/2016

Payments to suppliers, 2014/2015

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