Work for school-aged children

Child employment

There are restrictions on when and where children are allowed to work. A child may need a permit or licence for some types of work.

The youngest age a child can work part-time is 13 years-old, except children involved in areas like:

  • television
  • theatre
  • modelling

Children working in these areas will need a performance licence. All children taking part in a licensed performance must be supervised at all times by their parent or carer, or by a registered chaperone. For more information, go to children in entertainment.

For more information, go to GOV.UK: child employment.

Work permits for children 13 years-old or older

Children can work part-time if they are 13 years-old or older but must apply to us for a work permit. We will issue a work permit if we think that the child's health, welfare and education will not be damaged by the job. The child must also be fit and able to do the work.

Employers must get work permits for all children in their employment. The child's parent or guardian, and school head teacher, must sign the application form.

The law states the types of work and the hours children are allowed to work.

Any employer found to be employing children illegally may be fined up to £1,000 for every child.