Work for school-aged children

Children in entertainment

Children working in entertainment – for example, television, theatre or modelling – must have a performance licence. All children taking part in a licensed performance must be supervised at all times by their parent or carer, or by a registered chaperone.

You can apply for licences using the forms below. Completed applications should be returned to the address given on the form.

Performance licences

Applications for a performance licence are usually made by the child's agent or production company. Each application must come with:

  • permission from the child's school for any time missed
  • a parental declaration of health

We do not issue open licences. Each assignment or performance must have its own licence. Our child employment officer regularly visits performances to check that children have valid performance licences and that any chaperones are also licensed.

'Body of persons approval' (BOPA)

A BOPA allows groups and organisations to have an umbrella licence for their performance. This means you do not need a licence for each individual child as the BOPA covers the organisation.

Chaperone licences

All children must be supervised when performing. This can be done by their parent(s) or a registered chaperone provided by the production company.

Chaperones are licensed by the local authority in which they live. They must have a recent Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced certificate. Chaperones make sure that the welfare of the child is the biggest factor when on location and supervise the child at all times.